Sunday, December 20, 2009

That was quick: New home already

I decided that this platform is just not good enough, so here's the new place:

First photo-post already up.

See you there.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The single largest social policy advance since the Great Society

I know that Ezra Klein is on the black list for a while now, but i find him to be a sensible, knowledgeable guy, and i tend to agree with him more often than not. I think he put things in the right perspective today:

This is a good bill. Not a great bill, but a good bill. Imagine telling a Democrat in the days after the 2004 election that the 2006 election would end Republican control of Congress, the 2008 election would return a Democrat to the White House, and by the 2010 election, Democrats would have passed a bill extending health-care coverage to 94 percent of Americans, securing trillions of dollars in subsidies for low-income Americans (the bill's $900 billion cost is calculated over 10 years, but the subsidies continue indefinitely into the future), and imposing a raft of new regulations on private insurers. It is, without doubt or competition, the single largest social policy advance since the Great Society.

Not bad, huh?

No, not bad at all. Time to embrace the progress and work on improving this thing over time.


So, here's the thing: Barack Obama inspires me. He inspired me the first time i heard him, almost three years ago, when it was all this fun campaign, rosy and free of any real worrying. And he still inspires me today, with the way he handles a torturing presidency and the lethal heritage left for him by the idiot who stole the Oval Office for the previous 8 years. Barack Obama changed the way i view some parts of my life. And he made me believe, for the first time in many many years, that there are still leaders with a heart in the right place.

I never expected miracles. I knew exactly who's the man, and how he's going to operate. It doesn't mean that i'm completely happy with him. There are things i wish he had done different. But this was a tough, tough year and i know one thing for sure: He's doing the best anyone could have done, and, i'll say it again, his heart is in the right place. He is not a "sell-out", he is not "weak", he is none of the horrible things that so many people on the Left say about him for months now.

Recently, it became almost impossible to say anything positive about this president. Not even if you back it up with facts and real news. So instead of just letting all that toxic to really burn me, i decided to create this little corner, where people can just share their support for the president, without being mocked and put down. It's not a Forbidden-Obama-Criticism-Zone by any mean, and there won't be any rules. Only one thing will be unacceptable: Disrespect towards the president or other posters. This is the president of The United States. The first black president. A terrific man who's been a target of an awful hate machine since the day he decided to run for the presidency. And he'll be shown the respect he deserve here. The same goes for the people who support him. There are plenty of blogs all around, where it's almost required to insult Obama's supporters, so if anyone wish to do that - Take it somewhere else.

I'll try to post as often as i can (i spend half of my time on the other side of the ocean, so there will be time-zone difference occasionally), and i hope you all feel at home here. Thank you for stopping by.